Nachtangst Records was founded in 2009 when label owner Michael Fischer realized
that many of the new releases for the underground dance scene just sounded the same
and therefore he was getting slightly bored by this.
The main focus of Nachtangst Records is on releases that are different!
We don’t like tracks which sound the same all the 7 minutes(more or less) as they play.
It’s more that we want our listeners to go on a (musical) journey when they listen to our tracks.
We want you to close your eyes on the dance-floor and realizing the beautiful melodies coming to your ear.
But we also want to scare you slightly on the dance-floor by some of the tracks.
The range of our releases goes from progressive to trance with a touch of warm melodies, sometimes nearly chillout,
but always letting you keep dancing.
The other side of Nachtangst Records are progressive tracks with an eerie touch.
You think now that this is no hands-up music?
Maybe you’re right, but we prefer to bring you tracks that touch your feelings or your fears
and leave you with the feeling that something has touched you and your feelings.